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Mount Pinos, Los Padres National Forest

Mount Pinos is the highest summit in the Los Padres National Forest rising over 1½ miles above sea level (8,847 feet). The summit is relatively flat which attracts many people from all over to either study or simply observe and enjoy the marvels of the stars above. The summit is surrounded by conifers (pine cone bearing trees) and chaparral shrubs. The isolation, beauty and vista of the area is far away from the smog and unnatural lights of the city and is well known to scholars, scientist and enthusiast alike as one of the best vantage points in the entire Western United States from which to clearly see the stars in the heavens above. In fact, many news articles have been written lately about how much of the world cannot see the true majesty of the nighttime sky, including the Milky Way, because of the pollution. Having a pollution free view is what people visiting Camp St. Nicholas are privileged to enjoy because of our altitude and relative isolation from city lights. There are few things more relaxing, peaceful and mesmerizing, than absorbing the magnificence of the universe and all its mysterious glory. The summit is a short few miles from Camp St. Nicholas. Another area near our Camp which is wonderful for stargazing is the Chuchupate Ranger Station. Bring your camp or group up to Camp St. Nicholas and see for yourself and make memories to last a lifetime.



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